Not sure how to order files, feel dumb need help

I have a lot music folders that I want to import to an microSD card to then go into my Sony Walkman. Even though according to my music editor, been using tagscanner things are in order, they look in order via windows explorer, but everytime I load it into my mp3 player, it's out of order, stuck on alphabetical order.

I have found that I need to add a numbered prefix. 01 - Korn - Here To Stay. It very tedious to do this one a time. I have been told there is a way to have this done automatically by mp3tag. Someone please walk me through this.

Looks like a filename. MP3tag primarily deals with embedded metadata (tags). Renaming files could be easier with file renaming programs.

Which tag fields have you filled?
Screenshots have helped in a lot of cases to illustrate a problem.

I have a 2013 Mercedes that I bought new and it's somewhat dated MP3 player also only orders albums/folders based on filenames. I have to prefix all my files with the track number.

It's not my primary use of MP3TAG but is probably the second most useful function to add a number prefix to the filenames. Depending on how you store your files and copy them to the SD card, will depend on how you use MP3TAG to add the prefix. The auto-numbering wizard is the place to start, it's at the bottom of the Convert menu.

If you havve the files in the correct order, then you could add a prefix with:
Format string: $num(%_counter%,3)_%_filename%

But if the player also interprets the tags then gaps in the metadata could lead to unexpected results.

Sure, apologies. This is how it has to look in order for my player to display/play in the order that I would like. That was done manually by me right clicking properties in explorer and adding the numbered prefix by hand.

While I could do that, it could drive me nuts, I want it automated and I hear this program can assist me with that so I could get my collection done in a day vs 6 months.

This is how another folder looks while partially done manually, and you can see I haven't finished. I need help in figuring out how to get mp3tag to do it for me

Have you tried the suggestion of the Convert function?

I am very sorry for the delay, my computer has been very unstable, I was out of state, father had surgery and may have had a heart's a been lot, but no excuse for the delay in response.

That did work, thank you.

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