Not Wishing to Insult Anyone's Intelligence Here But.......

Hi All

I have to start off by saying that after reading a lot of posts on here I feel I must point out that I'm a complete and utter software virgin. It certainly doesn't help seeing replies like this "Regular expression: ^(.+)\s(.+)$" and "Replace matches with: $2, $1" so I hope my problem isn't deemed too un-taxing.

My query is as follows. After many frustrating days of experimenting I have finally managed to get my music onto my new smartphone (i8910 with symbian s60 if it helps) exactly the way I want it using a combination of my itunes library and mp3tag. (Unfortunately I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like this)

The problem I can't solve is when importing compilations. For example Born to be Wild 2 in cover flow the cover art is right, the cd name is right, but where I'd expect to see various artists or something similar listed below the album name I instead see Thin Lizzy (The first artist on the CD)

The only way around this I've found is, within mp3tag, to change the first artist name from Thin Lizzy to Various but this means while in normal viewing mode the song is credited to various and not Thin Lizzy. I've tried putting "various" under the album artist tab for each track but with no luck.

Is their something else I could try? I realise it's only a small problem but like I said, I want it to be right if at all possible.

Thanks for reading

Michael D

In iTunes, select all files from an album, right click > Info
Then check [x] Compilation
Might be also necessary to enter something in "Album artist"

You can also do that in Mp3tag but try it first with iTunes.