nueb questions


NUEEWbe here.

I love this program. Far better than iTunes which I had used previously

I have searched thru the the archives and FAQs but I have a couple of questions that
I have not found answers to which I can understand:

1.I am not a programmer and don't know how to create strings in a proper language.
I have been able to manipulate a couple of strings I found in the forum but I don't
know why they work or don't work.

 Where is a good intro source to understand/learn this process- 
 at least in a very rudimentary elementary way??
  1. what string would I need to convert file name to title tag in the case of:
    filename = number space title.mp3 (E.g.= 01 This Song.mp3)

to a title tag of simply This Song

I want to remove the track number and white space - and also any dashes or
underscores that might also be in the file name.

I have tried Convert>Filename to tag with %title% as the string but that does not
remove the extra characters and numbers from the file name in the changed title.

I am sure there is a string to do this but I can not seem to figure it out since I don't
know the coding process.

Thanks for this program and any help you can send my way.

Please have a look at this documentation resources:

  1. Help: Convert tags from/to filenames
  2. Help: Scripting functions
  3. Help: Actions

A valid format string for Filename - Tag would be
%track% %title%

Kind regards,