$num(%track,2) is not working for track listing

Hello, I'm trying to make a track list with 2 digits: 01, 02 , 03 etc...

I'm using the format value > track > $num(%track,2) but it just gives me : 00, 00, 00 for all the tracks.

What am I missing here? I searched around and everyone seems to be using the above input.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong would be great!


You forgot a percent sign.


Sorry it was just a typo on my part-- I did include it.

$num(%track%,2) gives me 00

Is the TRACK field already filled or do you want to get new numbers?
If the TRACK field is still empty, then use the numbering wizard.
Or do you already have some padded numbers but used the letter O (ou) instead of the number 0 (zero)?
01 -> stays 01
O1 -> becomes 00

oh yes, i see. Yes your post is correct. Thanks for helping me understand what I was doing wrong.