Number and Hiven


Can any body help me with removing numbers folowed by a space and then a hiven ? (102 -)

I I have lot of songs that begins with numbers amd then a hiven. There is a problem thoug, because the ID3 tag name of the songs is as follow : 102 - artist - title.

I only want to remove the number and hiven in front.

Thans in advanve,

Doubleudrive :smiley:

There's a FAQ entry for this:

Thanks Dano,

I have one more question for you,can MP3tag read Bpm? if this is possible do ou know the action or fuction ?


Do you mean Mp3tag calculates the bpm value or it reads it from a tag field that another program made?
First thing is not possible, the second is.

Ok, I ment the first one, because I am using virtual dj software for my DJing and If a download some mp3 on the internet that this software could rename, edit and read the bpm also.

Which is a good bmp software ? Will the bmp of one software differ from another software?

Thanks for your support,