Number Filenames starting with 001

I have a folder with 231 mp3s and want to change how each track is numbered.

I already had numbers in front of the FILENAME starting 01,02...,09,10,11 etc. (streamer was not showing them correctly) so thought I would try this (shown below) to start with 001, 002, 010, 099, 100, 101:

%_filename% MATCHES "^\d\d "
and then use the function Convert>Tag-Tag for the field _FILENAME (type it in)
Format string: 0%_filename%

It didn't work. I now have (when I get into the 100s) 0100,0101 etc.
How do I remove the '0' in front of the 100s?

If I need to adjust the numbers in 'track' field (I'm sure my streamer uses 'Filename' to decide the order the tracks, but just in case) which are currently numbered 001, how would I go about changing the numbering so they start with 01, 09, 10, 11, 99, 100 etc.?

I would still filter for files starting with 4 digits.
And then perhaps Convert > Filename-Filename
Pattern over old filename: 0%1
Pattern for new filename: %1

But in respect to:

When you look at such files, then you may be puzzled as e.g. the Windows Explorer and WMP interpret 3-digit numbers starting with a 0 as octal values.

To add padding with zeros to existing TRACK fields, use an action of the type "Format value"
Format string: $num(%track%,3)
for 3 digits. MP4 files do not allow padding with zeros.

Thanks again for your help.

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