Number of search results for cover search

The Amazon cover search returns a maximum of 10 results when searching for covers.
How can I get more results?


Amazon shows 10 results per page. Mp3tag can only read from one page (it takes the first).
You could make a second scripts that reads from the 2nd page.
Change ItemPage=1 to ItemPage=2 in the [IndexURL] line.

Or refine the search words by changing the [SearchBy] value

[SearchBy]=%artist% %album%
or for singles
[SearchBy]=%artist% %title%

OK, I see.

That's what I already did because the search results were often not really relevant, especially when "title" is something like "Greatest Hits".
I also tried to put the "album" column right after the "artist" column but then the following columns were blank. Got to dig deeper into this script language :flushed:

Thanks dano.


This should work

    # Album
    sayregexp "(?<=<Title>)[^<]+(?=</Title>)" ", " "</ItemAttributes>"
    say "|"
    # Publisher
    sayregexp "(?<=<Label>)[^<]+(?=</Label>)" ", " "</ItemAttributes>"
    say "|"
    # Released    
    sayregexp "(?<=<ReleaseDate>)[-0-9]{4,10}(?=</ReleaseDate>)" ", " "</ItemAttributes>"
    findinline "</Item>"
while "<Item>"