Number tags neutralized upon clicking macro button

When using the filename-to-tag macro button, it messes up the number tag, even despite (as can be seen) the field is left as "<keep">. I am not sure if it's because of some setting on my side but I am pretty sure it didn't always do this. Video linked to show what I mean

As hard as it is to see in the video, I assume that you have entered %TRACK% as mask for import from the filename.
This means that all the data from the filename is put into the field TRACK. If there is no numeric data, it could be, depending on the setting for that column, that you see just zeros.
So please show us in text form:
a typical filename,
the mask that you use to import data from the filename,
the column definition for the column that shows the track number.

I have no idea why but I subconsciously assumed that I was sending the filename to the title tag. This is not a bug but a mistake on my end. I wish I could delete this topic, but thanks for your time.

The "keep" caption on the left is just for batch editing the marked tracks and not for the filename to tag action.If you change for example the album name on the left and hit 'save', all tags for artist, track etc. are kept.
You import the filename and you explicitly assign it to the %track% field. The "keep" field on the left is ignored in this case. And since you only have the trackname as filename, there are no numbers to assign.
You can see below the %track% format string, that "Ambitions (introduction)" is assigned to the track field. Change %track% to %title% in the format string and your tracknumber won't be changed, but instead the filename will be assigned to the title-tag.

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