Numbering of downloads for duplicates

Does anyone know of a browser plugin or another way to number duplicates in downloads? I generally use Chrome.

It's about downloading artwork for albums. Websites such as MusicBrainz have extensive collections of covers, booklets etc. for some albums.

I then often proceed by right-clicking on such a cover, select "Save image as" and instead of the cryptic original name displayed, I select an existing file to whose file name I manually add a serial number at the end.

So e.g.
Peter Gabriel - So - Booklet (2).jpg.

I've been doing this for years, now I'd like to see if I can make this work easier for myself, because especially with booklets there are sometimes 10-20 pictures.

AlbumArtDownloader software has this feature built in. It automatically adds the next consecutive number to the end of duplicates. But unfortunately you can't get by with just AAD, especially with booklets, because the images displayed are incomplete.

You could try a Browser Addon like

It took me some time to get used to how your suggestion (Downthemall) works and some areas are still a mystery to me. The program has a lot of potential, but it seems to be missing some features that would be very helpful for my workflow, if I have not overseen a feature.

Although it numbers duplicates according to my scheme, it unfortunately does this correctly only if you download each file individually. I would like to number the files in a booklet in a certain order. The program, on the other hand, numbers in the order in which the downloads were completed, which does not always correspond to the order in a booklet.

Consider the freeware Bulk Rename Utility [] for this task. After loading the download folder you would use Ctrl+Alt plus the up or down arrows to arrange selected files in the desired sequence for numbering. Then you would type or paste the root file name for this batch into the Name (2) option box and set the Fixed option. Then you would set the parenthesized number suffix in the Numbering (10) box:

Bulk Rename Numbering

All of these settings (including the download folder) can be saved as a Favorite via the File menu. If saved then the only action you need to take before processing a new batch is to arrange the files into the desired order and (optionally) to edit or paste in your root file name.

Bulk Rename can be set to appear in the Windows Explorer right-click context menu, making it quickly available for selected files. A great feature is that it shows you exactly how the altered file names will look before you make any changes. The only drawback I see for your needs is that it does not preview images, which may make the initial download file sorting tricky.

UPDATE: it turns out that images can be viewed by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W. This toggles a movable and resizable preview window.

Their user forum is here: Bulk Rename Utility • Index page