Numeric formatting functions?

Are there any numeric formatting functions in Mp3tag that work with real numbers? I'd like to display a number formatted in the columns. For example:


I may be able to do it by repeating the expression and joining the two halves with a period, but the expression itself is very long and it would be very difficult to work with.

Speaking of a real number, that means a number with integer part and fractional part, separated by a dot character, one can use the following scripting expression to align such numbers at the dot character ...

'#'$regexp($repeat(' ',6)%NUMBER%$repeat(' ',6),'^.+(.{6})\.(.{6}).+$','$1.$2')'#'

... or ...

'#'$regexp($repeat(' ',6)%NUMBER%$repeat(' ',6),'^.+(.{6}\..{6}).+$','$1')'#'

With NUMBER='123.45' the result will be '# 123.45 #'.

The surrounding "#" characters are set only for demonstrating the margins.
Be aware, that this formatting is only a string manipulation, which does no mathematical rounding and truncates characters at the left edge and at the right edge, when the number string is too long.