Obtain genre from artist - title

hi everyone,
i have a little problem, i have 2k files that need to be tagged in the genre field, to do so i guess i need a wen source script. I got discogs pone, itunes, and so on...
what i need to know, is how can i select all my files and auto batch all of them to get the genre tag for all of them getting the info from i.e discogs.
i think the best option is use discogs pone, but i need to know STEP BY STEP, how to configure it and how to use it to get what i need.
tks in advance for ur help!

AFAIK none of the web sources updates only the genre field. This means that all your other fields will get overwritten.
There is a step by step introduction for the pone script.
If you use discogs, you have to have an account there and register MP3tag as an application. This is all explained on a discogs page.

You best use web sources with whole albums. This is also the maximum of files that can be treated in one go.
If you only have artist and title, then you have to treat each file separately.

It is not possible to select all the files of a collection and then let MP3tag do its stuff (unless, of course, the collection consists of just one album).