Odd behavior during export with %_folderpath_rel% used as part of the file name


My music library has grown to the point where I can no longer reliably build an HTML list (based on html_dano_albumlist_js_ex.mte) without running out of memory.

I really like having the ability to look through the library from a single HTML page. This has led me to investigate various ways of reducing memory requirements.

My most recent attempt has been to try to break the singe large HTML file into many smaller HTML files that can then be included by a parent HTML file. In doing this I have noticed an unusual behavior during export. Specifically, when exporting, I specified "%_folderpath_rel%\zzv2album.html" as the Export file name.

The first time through, all of the zzv2album.html files were written to the base directory EXCEPT THE LAST which was written to the base/album directory. When immediately repeating the export, the situation is reversed, namely all of the files are written to the base/album directory EXCEPT THE LAST which is written to the base directory.

Please see the attached document for screen prints.

Can you please help?



Mp3Tag_Report_09072017.zip (194 KB)

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Thanks for pointing that out.

Can you recommend a reliable way to export a file into each album directory (with all albums/tracks selected)? Instead of creating one massive HTML file for the entire music library, I am hoping that by segmenting the HTML into smaller pieces, I can process the entire library without running out of memory.