Off Topic - Updating tags does not update file, BoxSync ignores

MyMedia collection to play files through Alexa
Box account and sync to sync MP3's from / to Android and Windows server mp3 repository

  • Mostly uploads of new MP3 to server and mp3tag them there
    MediaMonkey to play files locally on Android

Updating tags ex. Genre to use ; instead of // so recognized in MyMedia to play by GENRE
Updating tags immediately identified updates in MyMedia - Working as expected.
Initialized boxsync to sync to see new Genre tags.
Box sync does not recognize that the file is changed or that it needs to resync.

Solution ideas?

  1. Workaround for this case. Is there a way, (Filter to show updated genre HAS ;"
    a. THEN - An action to resave file as is with current date and time.
    b. BoxSync see new date and syncs those files

  2. Long term
    a. Is there a way in MP3Tag that can write to file when tag changes, by default
    b. Is there a way in MP3Tag that can show date of last tag modify, then filter on recently modified and do 1a?

Other ideas or feedback?

MP3tag writes the tags everytime you tell MP3tag to save tags.
Or MP3tag saves the modification (and updates the modification date) every time you move to the next field or file in the file list.
This updates also the modification date shown in the file attributes - unless you have set to preserve the modification date in File>Options>Tags.
MP3tag does not tell which field has been modified.

You can create a column that the modification date with the property variables as documented here:

You can then sort by that field or filter for specific data.

And in general: if you see the modification in MP3tag then the file contains the modification. Why your player does not pick it up is a player problem that has to be investigated in the player's environment or with the help of the player's support.

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We can only guess that this software is looking for one or more different dates in the properties of each file, like the 3 best known "Created:", "Modified:" or "Accessed:" dates:

image image

As @ohrenkino already wrote, check your Mp3tag options for Tags, especially:
to be sure that every change in Mp3tag tags also updates the time stamps for "Modified:" file property.

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Keep in mind that most programs that write tags initially (e.g., CD rippers) add a bit of buffer space to the tag size, so that future edits to the tags do NOT change the size of the file. If your program is looking at file size changes, there may be no change in size even though tag edited. And if you have ticked "preserve file modification time" as noted above, your program would also not know that the file has been modified. For this reason, I do NOT tick the "preserve file modification...." option in mp3tag. I want my other programs (for example, FreeFileSync, which I use to backup changes) to know that the file was changed (even if same song) so that these changes get backed up, etc.

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