Official Playlists

Lately I've been coming across "official playlists" on streaming services that refer to series soundtracks. Basically, playlists like this are nothing new for me. These are mostly playlists created by customers, which not only concern the officially published original soundtrack, but also self-collected music from almost every piece of music that was played or only briefly played somewhere in the film or series. These are privately created public playlists and, in the area of ​​steaming, also made available to others.

So what constitutes the term “official” in this context?

Maybe one or two real examples or links would be helpful?

o.k. I did some more research and it seems to me, that in most cases in this content "official" means "created by curators of the streaming service itself" in contrary to playlists created by customers.
Here is an example:

Seems to be a bit weird:

This "official Sex Education playlist" says there are 307 songs for the TV show with the same name.
Another "official Sex Education playlist" says there are 331 songs.

Official soundtracks from Ezra Furman or Oli Julian only contains a small part of the above 300 songs.
The Spotifiy "official" playlists only contains a few of Ezra Furman's tracks and none of Oli Julian.

It is a word with 8 letters, and that's it. Anything that claims to be "official" is usually up to the curator of such a list to define. And the meaning is usually only that this list is better than yours. No one enforce that word.

However a list coming from the origin of the entity (in your case the shows producer or composer), should be official just by the matter of the fact. But quite often they will have fewer songs available because of licensing agreements, or other conflicts.

Any other lists are up to the consumer of such list to decide. Some curators do extensive research, and collect all songs played in the show, even if it just for a few seconds. But the risk is depending of the quality of research. Some are just fans, that include whatever they may remember or others have remembered, and may just be a list of false memories. Or just songs they like and some from the show, just for a similar mood.

On the flip side of that again, some companies, especially larger ones where they are already connected, may make agreements with other to include songs that never appears in the entity, but because they are popular and they in effect function as an advertisement platform. If they are somewhat honest about it, they may call it an "official" list "inspired" by so and so.

It is nothing unique to playlist, same with music videos, soundtracks etc. On YouTube some people have for some reason access to a music video and decides to upload it even though they don't have the license, it may even be better quality than the one put there by the original artist. They decide to call it official, but it is not even though it is the best quality available, and probably more true to the content.