Offline Album Art

Is it possible to assign album art images from sources other than amazon?

I have some music from my daughter's school concerts. I'd like to take a picture of the CD cover and use it as the album art.

If you have the pictures in a locally accessible folder then proceed as follows:
Load the files into Mp3tag.
Select all the files that should get the same picture.
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
On the right in that dialogue you find an empty square and buttons next to it.
Click the "New" button. THis will open an "Open file" dialogue to navigate to the picture.
Select the picture.
Click OK (or other affirmative buttons) until all dialogues are closed to apply the changes.
The files should now have embedded your individual picture.

Alternatively open the tracks in Mp3Tag with the Cover art view visible in the Tag panel, highlight all the tracks and drag and drop the image from an open folder onto the cover art area to embed it.

Thanks all!