Ogg and Flac is very slow


I'm trying to edit my Ogg and Flac music collection and when I do it seems very slow when I save the files. I can maybe understand Flac files being slow since there pretty big, but it's just about as slow on the Ogg files too (and there only saved at Quality Level 2 (~96kbit/s).

Is there any way to speed it up?

It's also slow at reading the tags too.


Florian, does Mp3tag use the padding space for Ogg files like fb2k does?


No, not yet.


Is there anyway to speed it up?


I found out that Flac doesn't seem to be as slow and actually pretty quick at reading them. But for some reason it's still kind of slow reading and writing Ogg files.

I'm kind of wondering if it's what I use to encode the Ogg file. I used Easy CD-DA Extractor 10 to convert the Flac files to Ogg.

I might try using OggDropXP to see if that makes a difference.