Old album art keeps on reappearing after being deleted

No matter what I do it keeps on reappearing once I return to or refresh the folder. I even tried deleting the old art, saving and then adding the new album art to once again save and it still happened :frowning:

Which program shows you the old art?
You could check in Windows Explorer for hidden folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg files and delete them.

If you use a player with its own database, update the database and delete any graphics cache.

And: in MP3tag check which tag version there are in the file. If you also see APE tags in addition to the ID3 tags, then get rid of the APE tags.

I think I fixed the issue. MusicBee said the folder.jpg was not writable so I went to properties and found out that both the cover.jpg and the folder.jpg were blocked for some reason. I unblocked them and copy pasted all of the files and put them into a new folder. After adding the new folder to the problem has stopped. Thank you for your help.