Old Newbie using mp3tag


I spent a lot of time in the past 5 years manually updating music information on iTunes until I received a new Android phone. I figured how to move music to my new phone and how to play it, but unfortunately I lost most of my information (especially cover artwork). Since I'm pedantic I want my music in perfect order, with all the correct information and cover art. Unfortunately I'm also lazy and I don't want to manually change all the info and the cover art AGAIN after all that time spent. So I found this software, mp3tag, and I tought it could solve my problems. I opened my music folder in the program, but I managed to auto-download the cover art only one song at the time.
I apologize if this looks like a dumb question, but I'm not very computer friendly and when I searched the forum I couldn't find something helpful for me:
Is there something I can do to auto-update music info (title, artist, album, cover art) and correct any mistake of all songs in one operation? even if I could do one of these things at the time (one for all the titles, one for all the cover art ecc) it would be great! Is it possibile with this software?

thanks in advance to whom will help this old pal, who is not good with pc but has always the spirit to learn something :smiley:

P.S. sorry for my english too, it's been a while since I spoke/wrote in English

First, make sure that the information stored in iTunes is also stored in the music files and not just in the iTunes database.
(I think that iTunes saves all the information in the files if you modify the tag version e.g. from 2.3 to 2.3).

Also check the web for utilities that do just this for the covers.
see e.g. this thread: /t/11271/1
and also this German thread which has a couple of links to utilities in it:
Apparently, the "itsfv Tool" is the thing to look for.

Mp3tag will not go through your library and update anything unless you tell it to do so.
MP3tag does also not guess what might be the more correct data. You are in command.