I wanted to change the PHOTO so I completely removed all tags and started again.

When I reloaded the files to my phone (after removing them since you can't edit MP3tags on the phone), the old picture appears on screen.

If you OPEN the file from the computer OR from the phone to PLAY on the computer, the NEW photo appears, but the OLD one just doesn't want to go away when you play the file on the phone.

I've tried clearing cache, etc. but nothing helps.


UPDATE: I finally got it to work. The possible solution was putting the mp3 files in a NEW folder with a different name. I did several tests moving just one of the five files back but NOT in the folder and it worked. Then, when I moved that file back into the original folder, the original art work was there. I created a new folder and the problem went away. I hope that was the fix. Thanks.

You do not tell us what OS is running on the phone.
Windows often relies on the file folder.jpg to display a picture. This is a hidden file. You could try to remove that instead of the renaming orgy.