Old .src script - still running!

Yes, I am totally surprised and I want to share my joy!
Some years ago, to be honest, it was on the day 2006-09-03, I wrote a Mp3tag source script to pull some data from allmusic.com.
I did not used this script since years!
Just some minutes ago I let it run again, and - hurrah - it still works!
Hard to believe, but true.

Here it is ...


Sorry but amg scripts are not allowed here.

:astonished: Huh how this?

There are still some scripts in the sources folder starting with this line ...
"# Mp3tag (2.33 or higher) Parsing for allmusic.com by dano"


Hi, is there a way to get this script? I've been searching for this one for months because I can't get original release year with other sites. I'd be very gratefull if you could tell me where I can find it.

Thank you very much

allmusic.com just redesigned their site, so the old scripts will likely be broken now anyways.

Really :frowning: it's sad because Detlev wrote this like 2 weeks ago. Does someone knows how to get original release date because I formated my pc and now my iTunes is all mixed up and I can't find what was released this yeay, I get song from 90s that are in compilations and etc. What was nice with allmusic is that the date was displayed like YYYY MM DD and if it was out in 80s you get the 80s date and not the CD that was released in90s for example. If someone could help me with this I'd really appreciate.


Try to find an old version of Mp3tag which includes the old scripts which you can modify to your needs. Or write your own source script. The framework is already there, somewhat a wildish crippled area, but for some people it seems to work anyway.