On importing from web sources (Amazon.com)


First off, I've been using Mp3tag for several years and it has not ceased to amaze me yet. I love this program. It makes editing the tags on my 10,000+ tracks easier than it really should be :slight_smile:. Thank you, to the developers and anyone who'd made contributions to improve this already great program. With pleasantries out of the way, let me get down to the reason I made this topic.

The feature to import track information from online sources is one of the most powerful features of this program, and for the most part it works. Usually when you download/rip an album the filenames are in numerical order based on the track numbers. This allows you to easily pull the rest of the album's information from a websource (such as Amazon.com) through Mp3tag's import feature. But what if you downloaded and album and there is no track number information? What if you only have the song titles and the album name? When you use the import feature now you find that your files MUST be ordered in numerical order in order for it to work correctly. As shown bellow, there is no button to arrange the quarry results by any other field than track number.

In the scenario where you only have the track titles you will have to input each track number individually before you can import the rest of the data. This is troublesome and can become a huge investment of time if you're editing more than one album without track number information.

I propose that sorting buttons be added to the top of the window pane in the picture above to allow for this problem to be overcome. A little thing, yes I know, but a handy feature none the less.


I've added the sorting feature to the latest Development Build :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


Groovy groovy, and thank you!