One file per directory in Export doesn't work

I tried this option on several directories.

Example, I have 2 directories:

  • (2002) - A Album
  • (2003) - B Album
  1. I drag and drop the directories to mp3tag window
  2. I select all songs
  3. I click "Export" button on toolbar
  4. I check "One file per directory"
  5. I select a configuration and click "OK"

When I look into "(2002) - A Album", there is no file named "mp3tag.txt" but when I look into "(2003) - B Album", there is a file named "mp3tag.txt"

I tried this several times on different directories. Result is the same.
I have version 2.55a.

You should adjust the $filename() parameter in the config.

Thank you that worked, but I still don't know what "One file per directory" does :huh:

It makes the export create one file per directory if $filename() is configured in an appropriate way.
If you don't use that option you will always get just one export file.