One MP3 Multiple Tracks....How to name this

How would I put multiple names on one mp3 that has several short tracks in it. Its a comedy routine from a stage show. I want to name all the different bits the comedian did....the album I have it on was labeled like 10a, 10b, 10c ect.....this has me lost as to how to do it.

I do not think that there is a standard.
But I am pretty sure that you can leave out the leading number and use just the letter.
Medleys often have the same "problem". And there you find anything as separator between the parts: Semicolon, slash, dash, comma, letters, numbers.
So feel free.

Or you start your filename with "- a - ", "- b - ", "- c -"...
like this
10 - a - First joke
10 - b - Second joke
10 - c - Third joke
You could use the TITLE tag for this naming scheme.
Of course you can choose whatever you like for this kind of «prefix» like " a " or "a)" or "I", "II", "III"

Just expand your existing TITLE with your «prefix».

I suggest denoting all numbers in all field with # [except for original names / titles like "Room 123" if it is a song about room with that number]

Bu if it is to be in front, if it is to be a denotation of a tracks and sub-tracks, then I suggest using a simple system of X.Y which can be even expanded further to X.Y.Z; e.g.:


From the ID3 specification:

   The 'Track number/Position in set' frame is a numeric string
   containing the order number of the audio-file on its original
   recording. This may be extended with a "/" character and a numeric
   string containing the total number of tracks/elements on the original
   recording. E.g. "4/9".

I'm not sure if "1.1" or "23.11.1" is a numeric string (whatever this exactly should be).

@zaphod1 I suggest to test some of the above ideas with your favorite music playing software and devices. It is crucial to know where you can use which syntax.

Yes, it is true: I had some problems with certain characters [especially dots] in some fields. And so I had to stick to certain audio formats in order to have a unified system capable of handling my needs. So testing was crucial

It is numbers with the only admissable other character "/".