One song in multiple albums

hello everyone!
I'm looking for a way to tag a song, so it appears in two albums (or more) on my musicplayer (smartphone). I'm using the app musicolet. The reason is simple: I'm the gamemaster for our roleplay group and I'm using a lot of songs as background music. But sometimes one song fits to the categorie "oriental", but also "tavern".
I know that it is possible to use ";" or "/" in the artist field of a MP3. But this must be also working with the album field, right? (because it's not :frowning: )

No. This is all down to what the player makes of the the tag data.
You could also try multi-value fields (i.e. several fields of the same type with different contents) - but only very few players can cope with it.
I would try playlists and see if the player can cope with these.
And a question on contents:

isn't that the field "Genre" and not "Album"?
May that be as it is.
The ulitmate way around it: make a copy of the file and tag it with the data that would make the difference if there are no logical ways around your problem - a player problem.

I just tested it: Doesn't work. Even if I open the MP3s properties, go to "genre" and seperate the two genres with ";", it wont appear in the app.

Does you player show just one GENRE (e.g. oriental) or both (oriental; tavern)?
If the player shows only one, it could be that such a separator works after all, you only have to make sure that the fields for ALUMARTIST, ALBUM, ARTIST and TITLE (and GENRE) are filled.
Then, in the player, you would have to group by the different gernes.

Unfortunately it showed me both genres, not only one :frowning:

And with the 2nd part of your answer: Is it a MUST, that all the fields have to be filled?
I'm pretty sure they are, but no 100%.

The problem with non-existent data is that it may lead to unwanted groupings i.e. that tracks are grouped together that don't belong together as they are considered to be from "that album that isn't there" or "that albumartist that does not exist".
The rule should be that every field by which you want to group or sort should be filled as absent data may lead to unexpected results.

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I also use Musicolet. Great little program. Simple answer... put a copy of each track in the folder/album you want.

Slightly more complicated answer... Musicolet uses Queues. You can add/change/delete tracks from multiple queues, without affecting the underlying track/song/file. Have a queue for "tavern", a queue for "oriental", etc.

Wrong delimiter. Should be "\\" (not "//" or "; "
The "\\" is an escape sequence that (in fields in Mp3tag) gives the Nul character.
Nul character is a defined multi-value delimiter in the ID3 standard

In Foobar2000 (I use mac version), the delimiter is displayed as "; "
But that is only for display - under the hood, in the metadata field, it remains the Nul character

BTW: to get each pair of backslashes to appear in the above, I had to enter four of them.

Or enclose the 2 of them in the grave accent (top left to bottom right): \\

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