Only few tracks displayed in file list

hi..i just downloaded mp3tag...only 20 songs come up in my F directory..theres actually 11000+...what am i missing?


When you are in the "Ctrl+D" window, to specify the directory, have you checked "subdirectories" check box ?

10980 songs?
There are so many possibilities...
Isn't "F" a hard disk and not a directory?
Are the tracks mp3s (or of another format supported by mp3tag)?
Do you have access permission to the folder?
have you set in MP3tag the option to read subdirectories?
Have you set a filter in the filter box at the bottom of the window?


F is the ext hard drive...tracks are WMA...the rest i dont know..

Try to find good answers to those questions as that may be the reason for the discrepancies.
Then: What does the file count at the bottom right of the MP3tag window say?