Only missing feature...


When converting tags to filename, is I insert a backslash, folders are created. Could you include a flag in the porgram options, so that instead of creating new folders, it renames the parent folders for the directory the file is in?

So, if I have a file in the path:
c:\my files\folder1\useless_folder_name\misia.mp3,

and I set in "tags to filename": %artist%\%artist%-%album%(%year%-%genre%)\%artist%-$num(%track%,2)-%title%(%album%),

I would get:
c:\my files\artist\artist-album(year-genre)\artist-01-misia(album).mp3,
instead of
c:\my files\folder1\useless_folder_name\artist\artist-album(year-genre)\artist-01-misia(album).mp3.

I hope it will be easy to implement, and everyone would find it useful.

(Another interesting thing would be, that i could choose to see both ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags, choosing some icon in the toolbar.)


AFAIK, you can do that with a Format values action and _DIRECTORY as field.


I completely agree!!! Currently I have to go through and delete the 'old' directories by hand after the mp3s have been moved to a new directory. This would be great!


You're the best... and your tagger, too. (Is there anything... important... it can't do?)