Only use part of the filename to fill in tag field

Hi there,
Sorry to butt in, but I have a similar issue and wonder if you can help phatlix please?

I need to get "Andy Williams from the filename "1212 - Can't Help Falling In Love - Andy Williams" and put it in the Artist field.

So obviously it's the tag - tag function but it's just working out the Format string, if you can help?

Incidentally, what language is this? PASCAL? C++? Just wondering if I can get some kind of manual to get familiar with going forward.

Many thanks.

If you want to extract a part from the FILENAME you need the "FILENAME to TAG" converter :wink:

And if you really just want the ARTIST, use something like:
%dummy% - %dummy% - %artist%
as format string.

You could press the "HELP"-Button on the lower-right corner of the Converter.

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I meant in terms of the actual programming language it's using and the format/style and how they work, as opposed to the application :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: oh there it is, scripting functions.

Lol, thank you. :+1:

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Whoa! I just reread your message (because I'm a dope and only read the end lmao) and saw that bit about filename to tag convertor.
Problem solved!
Fabulous, thank you!! :+1: :pray:

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