Open behavior is different after upgrade

I just upgraded to 2.48. I was probably a few releases back before the upgrade.

When I open mp3tag using the context menu (right mouse) things behave as expected.

But when I open from the start menu (no files selected) it will open all of the files I was last editing. What I was expecting, and how it used to work is that it would open blank, with no files.

A second example (I would guess an example of the same behavior/bug) is if I check "start from this directory", when pointing to my library of music. mp3tag attempts to load all 50K+ tracks, which I cancel.

If I then un-check that box, exit and restart the program it starts trying to load all of the tracks again - where it was when I exited the program.

If there is an option to set this, I can't find it.



You can set an empty directory as default folder or disable subdirectory support (Options > General).

That works. Not very elegant, but it works fine.