Open Folder After Action

Hi everyone

I need help again for an action

I am using the GETCOVERINFO Step 1 to 6 wich i found on this forums

This is separate like this Action 1-3 and after i have to go to the Folder that contains the File "Mp3tag.IM.identify"

What i would like to do is to add an action after Step 3 to open automatically THE FOLDER where i can find the File "Mp3tag.IM.identify" (D:\TEST\COVERS) to run

Thank you


It is not possible to stop in the middle of an action group.
Still, I do not understand why you need it and what you mean by "open the folder" as usually opening a folder in the explorer does not influence anything in MP3tag.
Why don't you replace the original settings in the script with the paths in your system?

The folder where the action GETCOVERINFO create the Bat fileis not the same folder where my musics files are stored (External HArd Disk Drive)
I have 3 HDD to store my music and I think it easier to have always the same folder for this action.
After Step 3 , i have to open the Folder (D:\TEST\COVERS) that is on my computer to run the Bat file Mp3tag.IM.identify


I still don't understand what you mean by "open the folder".

Why don't you replace any reference to O:\TEST\COVERS\ of the original script with the environment on your system?

Just some ideas ... you have to try out and make it run for yourself.

  1. Create a shortcut on the desktop, which opens the target folder, ...
    or which starts the command file "Mp3tag.magick.identify.cmd".

  2. Create a Mp3tag tool ...
    Name: &Explorer here
    Path: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
    Parameter: '/e,/select,"'%_path%'"'
    ... adapt the target path if needed.

  3. Create a Mp3tag report file ...
    '@ECHO OFF'
    'START "TEST" "%TEMP%"'
    ... adapt the target path if needed.
    Try out if it would run automatically when exported manually or by action, I don't know.


I have to click on Mp3tag.Test.OpenFolder.cmd

I doens't run automatically

Great idea you have but give me the same issue i had before

When i run the Export File alone it is working well

If i put the Export File at the end of My GROUP OF ACTION, it DOESN'T WORK