Open list of files and rewrite tags: possible


My problem is that I have a list of folders that I know contain files that need to have the tags rewritten. There is something about these files that is causing problems with Logitech Media Server. If I remove the tags and re-write them, the problem is eliminated.

Is there a way to send the list of folders to Mp3Tag and have it open all those folders? To avoid re-writing all the tags manually, is there a way to have the program remove and re-write the tags with the existing metadata?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I would check the files with mp3val, mp3diags and/or foobar2000.

Also, I would check, what kind of tag version is currently in the files. Perhaps you V2.4 and this is not understood by that server. Then you have to rewrite the tags to get V2.3 tags.

You can do such a re-writing bulk processing for all loaded files in one go.
But try it out first on a small set of file copies until you are sure what you are doing.

It is a manual processing.
Make sure that the Mp3tag options for reading/writing/removing of tag-types are set as you need it.
Select the files.
Use the Edit menu options ...
or press [Ctrl+X] to cut out existing tag field data to the Mp3tag clipboard ...
and immediately afterwards press [Ctrl+V] to embedd the data from the Mp3tag clipboard into the same set of selected files.


I figured out how to do this: I saved the list of directories as a cue sheet and opened it in Mp3Tag. Then I selected a few of the files and did a right-click and selected "Tag cut". I clicked OK on the confirmation dialog and waited until the message appeared saying that the tags had been cut. Then I again right-clicked on the same files and clicked "Tag paste". The tags were pasted back into all the files, and now Logitech Media Server can read the tags in the files. It no longer crashes due to these files.

It is not necessary to create a cue sheet.
You can simply drag&drop the folders from the Windows Explorer into the files list of MP3tag.

You do not need the step of a separate list file, because all folders and/or files can be loaded from within Mp3tag by menu commands or by drag&drop out of the Windows Explorer window.

Please tell us which tag writing options you have set to get compatible files for the Logitech Media Server.


Thanks to both of you for your responses.

I have the following options set:
Read: All
Write: ID3v2 only, ISO-8859-1
Remove: All

Since I have a large collection and know more or less exactly which files are causing problems, I made a list of only those directories and am now re-writing the tags.