Open Mp3tag from Explorer (Win 10)

Hi Florian!
I guess I'm one of your oldest users, I'm 76 years old!
My problem is trivial, but annoying.
I've just bought a new computer and I can't open the program directly in Explorer!
With my old computer that also had Windows 10 (updated from Win 7) I was able to open a folder with Mp3 tag via the right click pop up! But that possibility is not available now on the pop up list, not even with "Open with".
I have to open the program and go to the desired folder.
Can you help me, please!
Sören Hörlyk, Sweden

Hej Sören,

tack så mycket for the nice feedback! One of the oldest, but not the oldest :slight_smile:

Have you installed the "Explorer Context Menu" component with the Standard Installation? This adds the option to the right-click menu.