Open Mp3tag with multiple files from different folders

I have a file manager that can display files from many locations all at once, based on search results. It can also launch another program and pass those files to it.

I know I can drag & drop the lot into Mp3tag, but I'd like to be able to use a script in my file manager to do it.

If I tell the file manager to launch Mp3tag by sending all of the individual files to it, then only the file with focus (generally the last one selected) gets added to Mp3tag's file list.

But here's an "undocumented feature" of Mp3tag: If I select multiple folders in my file manager and then command it to try to launch multiple instances of Mp3tag (which can't be done), then Mp3tag will open with all of the files in all of the folders showing in its file list! The problem with the search results I described above is that I haven't figured out a way to return or display each file's parent folder. If I could do that, then I think I could use the multiple instance trick to open them in Mp3tag.

It would be much easier if Mp3tag had an argument or switch that will allow it to open multiple files from different folders. Then I could add it to the file manager command.

Can it be done?


If you had a routine that would dump all the filenames in a playlist then you could open that playlist to treat the files.

I think I can do that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile: