Open source/Linux port


I'm a regular user of mp3tag and I think this is the best mp3 tag editor out there.
The only problem I have, it is only freeware on windows.
The only post I have found regarding this issue is this one:

It is said that since code of mp3tag is used in commercial application, it cannot be open source. From a purely license point of view, this is a non-issue : code can have both an open source license and other license (for including in other products). There are many example of such multi-license, for example mysql or QT from trolltech. Moreover, you can have a license that specify that open source is good only for linux for example.
If there are other reasons I perfectly do understand. But maybe in this case only a port (also freeware) to linux can be done. If needed, I could lend a hand with this port. I ported back and forth for windows to linux some applications with success.

This leads me to the final question : what kind of technology/libraries are used in mp3tag ? From the binary, I see there are not any .dll packaged with it, is it pure win32 ? What kind of library is used for window management (this is probably the biggest difficulty for porting an app from windows to linux). If the devs wish to keep the details secret, I can also understand.

Anyway, thanks for any answer on this matter.


Hi Aurélien,

I'm sorry, but a Open Source version of Mp3tag is definitely not planned.

Best regards,

Ok. That's too bad, but, hey, this is your program :slight_smile:
Anyway, congratulations for the good work ! Who knows, maybe someday you will change your mind... :stuck_out_tongue:

I've decided to try out Linux (Ubuntu) and I really like it, but I haven't found any Linux tagging software as convenient and functional as Mp3tag.
I tried to run Mp3tag under Wine, but for some reason it crashed too often and didn't display album art. :frowning:
I'd really appreciate Linux version of Mp3tag.

What about Linux version (not necessarily Open Source) ? Is there any hope? :rolleyes:


No, but there are some people at the forum which successfully use Mp3tag with Wine under Linux.

Thanks for reply, I'll try to fix things up with Wine :slight_smile:
Good luck! :wink: