Opening maximized software via Tools

Recently I was dealing with issues of Windows 7 not remembering to [re]open Notepad always in maximixed way, regardless of a file that is suppose to be loaded into it. And I have just failed in Mp3tag

So what should be put in
Tools > Options > Tools
beside the

C:\file.txtas a Parameter, to make it open maximized?

I know I can use instead of the ordinary

C:\Windows\notepad.exea Path leading to to a CMD file with
cmd.exe /c start /max C:\Windows\system32\Notepad.exe %1in it, but I want the Mp3tag to make Notepad open itself properly, and not some additional outside workaround

You don't need a CMD file.

Try a tool like this:
Path: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
Parameter: /C START /MAX notepad "%_path%"

You can use this to open any file or you can replace %_path% with a particular file path (see attached).

Finally, another Microsoft generated problem solved

Path    C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
Prameter    /C START /MAX notepad "C:\file.txt"

That does the trick. Thank you very much

The only small issue with this method is that it shows icon of the CMD, and not of Notepad. And if I were to use it CMD there for also some other stuff, then I would have the same icon used more than once. But since these Tools as are limited to only 10 position and are used only via keyboard, it's practically an issue of no importance