Opening Multiple Album Folders Simultaneously

We have developed a 3,000+ music album library in the FLAC file format for our community-supported, non-profit radio station. We use the following (typical) directory tree structure:

Broadcast / Album Artist / Album(s) / Album Files + PDF of liner notes when available


Review / /Album Artist / Album(s) / Album Files + PDF of liner notes when available

New albums are ripped and placed into the Review folder where they are reviewed by peers for completeness and where corrections can be made. After 30-60 days, they are moved into the Broadcast folder. This is an ongoing process, but over time, we've migrated to better tagging rules and have finally settled on dbpoweramp and mp3tag to manage the file metadata. Problem is, there's still a lot of rework that's required. As a result...

...we often see a need to go back and re-process tags to make changes to the field names, to correct or add tags and so on. Opening the entire library in mp3tag takes a very, very long time. Opening one Album Artist's files is of course reasonable, but it would be better if we could open a finite block of Album Artist files (say 20 of them, instead of all 1,890) at a time, so that we could reasonably look at the tags for each of the albums to determine which ones need to be fixed, combined, duplicates removed and so on.

What I am asking for amounts to a Ctrl+Left Mouse Click to select as many folders as we wish and then open all of them at once.

I think this is a feature request, but maybe there's a way to do this that's not obvious to me. Can anyone shed light on this topic? It would be very preferable if we could process our existing library files in small chunks rather than one at a time or the whole library.

Thanks in advance for your help. This forum is great, and so is mp3tag!


I'm able to do this from Windows Explorer using the Explorer (context menu) integration that Mp3tag installs.

Explore a folder containing multiple folders in the right-hand window. In the right-hand window use Shift+left-click and Ctrl+left-click to select a block and/or individual non-contiguous folders, then right-click and choose Mp3tag from the context menu.

Alternatively, you select the folders in Windows Explorer and drag them into MP3tag.
Also, there is the option to not only open one folder but to add a folder to the currently opened set (Press the Folder+-Button in the tool bar).

This is very very helpful advice. Problem solved!