Optimize FLAC Utils Not Available in Batch Selections

The new Optimize FLAC works much more reliably & efficiently compared to the previous workaround using the downloaded tool from the FLAC website however she seems shy.

I noticed the Utils seemed to play peakaboo with me intermittently. I first assumed I must have a few hidden mp3 files in my current selection but as it turns out any selection of 41-48 files or more seems to force the Optimize FLAC option into hiding. I've spanned multiple folders that are completely FLAC and if I select over a certain number of files ...it's gone.

I tried to narrow it down to a specific number, but it varies so I cannot say that it is solely based on the number of files currently selected I was never able to select more than 48 FLAC files.


  • If i selected small portions for the data I could easily get the Optimize to appear & function flawlessly
  • Much of my data includes the following characters ²🅴¹🅲⁰🅸 (not sure if that matters)
  • Album arts embeded are all jpg ranging from 1mb-3mb at varying resolutions
  • None of the selected files have issues with holding / altering tags, skipping or other playback issues
  • I am currently using V3.24a (Windows 11) but I can confirm this issue was present on the previous version although I had not tested it as thoroughly until now

I've tried to reproduce this and also had a hard stare at the relevant code. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce and also don't see what might cause this.

If you have any additional information (or if a file with an extension different from *.flac sneaked in), please let me know.

Ok, the problem must be on my end I will keep looking

Dear God...I found two AAC files with the .FLAC extension

Problem solved. Apologies for the false alarm

I'm still not sure I understand this. Even if the file was AAC but had the *.flac file extension, the menu item should have been displayed.

My guess is i did something wrong with my original converter. The files were originally aac. & i converted them to flac. I redid the conversion from the original aac using audacity & when i selected the files in the same folder the utils was present again.

So i figured that was the culprit

OK, thanks for trying to clarify. I'm moving this to Support now and we'll watch this closely in case it happens again.