Option to Set Unsynchronisation Flag for ID3v2.4 Tags

Would really love to see this feature become available if possible. It is literally the only thing that I cant use mp3tag to do and its driving me crazy :frowning:
Please implement this feature!! <3 :slight_smile:

The reason for me asking is that none of my album artwork appears on my SONOS system if the Unsync flag is enabled and artwork is written using unsync. I can get rid of the unsync by converting tags to ID3v2.4 with iTunes however its a tedious process and iTunes changes the %_id3v2_character_encoding% from UTF8 to ISO-8859-1 (at least mp3Tag states it does but at a quick glance at the file all of the tags seem to still be UTF8 encoded so not sure why this is happening)

Love your software Florian and would love to see this become a feature :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, happy you like Mp3tag :slight_smile:

Have you checked if ID3v2.3 UTF-16 works with your SONOS system?

Kind regards
– Florian

Hi Florian,

v2.3 works fine and with utf8 as well. The reason I am using 2.4 however is because I have the title, artist and album sort fields in all of my files which are not part of the 2.3 spec.

Do you think its a possibility this feature will make it in :smiley:

Regards, Nick

If you have a look at https://docs.mp3tag.de/mapping and the supported fields, you will find ARTISTSORT, ALBUMSORT, TITLESORT and many more as part of the V2.3 tags.

I know I CAN put them in there however they are not part of the official ID3v2.3 spec (http://id3.org/d3v2.3.0). They have only been implemented in ID3v2.4 and I would like to comply with the spec