Options dialogue not locked when updating local freedb index

When updating the local freedb index, the GUI behaviour is a little strange. Here is what I do:
I open Tools>Options>local freedb and click on "update index".
A progress indicator dialogue appears which says "Writing tag information" and counts the number of entries for a particular genre.
And this is strange: I can close the "Options" dialogue while the progress indicator dialogue stays open. I would have expected the tools dialogue would be locked until the progress indicator dialogue is closed.
The rest of the gui seems to be disabled. All of it? Not quite. You can select e.g. the filter and enter a new one. What you cannot do with the filter is to delete it with the backspace key. This key only selects the last character of the filter and then refuses to go further back or delete anything. YOu can now use Shift-Home to select the rest but this only selects all the text left of the formerly selected single character.
The same behaviour can be observed when editing in the files list (amazingly this is possible at all). Changes get saved.
You cannot edit a selected file in the tag panel - the Ctrl-S shortcut does not work.
Also, most of the menu functions are disabled, so you cannot change the directory or execute any actions.
But you can edit in the files list one file at a time.
It is also possible to select other sets of files (the tag panel gets updated) or enter new filters.
Now, the original request was: the GUI should be more consistent.
For me this would mean: if updating the index is a background task, then all the functions should be available, perhaps with the exception of access to the local freedb.
Or: no editing is possible while the index gets updated. Closing the "Tools>Options" dialogue is not possible while the index get updated.
The current mixture of available functions and disabled ones does not seem plausible.

PS: as there is no crash and no real harm done to either the index or the single files, I originally did not post it as a bug. And as updating the index happens once a month if @DetlevD would still post the freedb it is no frequently used feature and can easily be tolerated.

PPS: I just caused an exception with another function from the Options dialogue which was still running while it was possible to close the Options dialogue. So I tend to lean towards considering it as a bug as no immideate mal-function was probably just lucky.

Found in 2.87d

I've fixed this with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.87e. It's still possible to close the dialog (at least on some systems) and the editing should not be possible anymore.

Thanks for reporting!

---- i was too impatient. everything is fine.

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