Order of actions


I have defined some actions, and I'd like to group them. However, they should be processed in a certain order, i.e. first action 1, then action 2, etc. In my case, action 1 sets all words to lowercase and action 2 capitalizes some specific words, thus, the order is really necessary. I couldn't find an option to define this order, or to choose in which order actions are run.

Is it possible to do something like this? If not, please take it into consideration as a feature request :wink:



Hav you tried the arrow keys on the very right of the actions dialog window (alt-5) (the one with the check boxes in front of the actions?) They move up and down the actions and so, to my experiance, also alter the sequence of execution.
You may then tick the check boxes to select all those action you want to have carried out.

That worked fine! Thanks.