Order of commands in actions


Is there a way to make sure an action happens before other action? In my action set, I have few UNI_TO_ASC actions for custom replacements, e.g. replacement of letters with diacritics. I added temporary fields UNI_TO_ASC_ARTIST and UNI_TO_ASC_ALBUM that I use as source for m3u name. Works fine. At the end I want to remove these temporary tag fields not to save them to MP3 file. I tried to move m3u export above Remove action and later to put both steps into single action with m3u on top, but in both cases, tags are removed before m3u is generated.

Any idea?

Excerpt of the Mp3Tag help file:

"Important note: Export actions are always executed after all other actions regardless of their position in the actions list."

So in your case you have to define the action for removing the unwanted tags seperately.

Tags are always saved to the mp3-files. There are no temperary tags-fileds in this sense.
You only call them temporary because you don't want to keep them.

You may not need temporary tag fields.
Instead, try making the replacements in the export script that you use to create playlists.
And/or add the replacement function to the format string for the built-in tools that create playlists ( :mt_plall: :mt_plsel: ): Options > Playlist