Order to export

I made an order on all my files which is not alphabetically but matches my %title2% column.
When the export in .text, I would like to keep this order, but systematically it the puts me alphabetically by filename!
This is something simple, but I do not!
Thanks in advance for your help

Script .txt:

1: $filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\Mp3tag.Report.txt',UTF-8)

2: $loop(%title2%)%title2%' --- '%_filename_ext%
3: $loopend()

The Mp3tag report feature is decoupled from the Mp3tag interactive list view.
The sorting in the list view has no effect to the reporting process.
The Mp3tag report feature provides the function $loop for sorting purposes.


Thank you!!
Best regards

If you have arranged the column for the tag-field TITLE2 by hand ...
and you want to preserve this order for this tag-field when creating a report output, ...
then you may insert a helper column resp. a helper tag-field, called MY_ORDER or so, ...
which contains an ordered sequence of numbers, ...
so that the $loop(%MY_ORDER%) can work with the given numerical order.

After you have arranged the list view in order of the tag-field TITLE2 by hand ...
then run ...
Action "Format value"
Format string: %_counter%

Afterwards let the report run ..

1: $filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\Mp3tag.Report.txt',UTF-8)

2: $loop(%MY_ORDER%)%TITLE2%' - '%_filename_ext%
3: $loopend()

At end remove the helper tag-field from the files.