Ordering of files by date of creation \change

check ordering of files by date of creation \change.
They are incorrectly sorted.

sorts correctly.

it is very old bug, it is surprising that you did not notice it.

It is a pity that you changed the website design.
Older browsers cannot display it, for example in Firefox 31 instead of a site just a white page.
New style very heavy and slow. You should not focus only on Chrome.
It is also unfortunate that you follow Microsoft and google imposed a style and imitate them like other sites.
And in general, your old design was much more comfortable.

This is a very old thread that deals with the topic.

(For these cases there is the extra attrbute "sort by" in the columns definition)

If you really surf with such an old browser like FF 31 (first offered to Release channel users on July 22, 2014!), you should take care about your own online security first. I'm sure you know that FF 69 (!!) is the actual version, right?


Of course I'm not using ff31, otherwise how could I could write this post if "senseless innovations" not allow many browsers to even to view a forum.