Organise Music and retain m3u, nfo, sfv files etc

Hi, I have just been recommended this great piece of software.

I'm in the process of putting all my music onto a NAS.

I would like to organise it and


works a treat!

However, I would also like to keep the extra non-mp3 files such as M3U, NFO, SFV, JPG etc.

Is there a way to tell the converter to keep these files and put them in the newly made folder?

use actions instead of the converter to format a directory name.
Action: Format Values
Formatstring: %genre%\%artist%\%_directory%\

you can also use a absolute path like: E:\music\%genre%\%artist%\%_directory%\

you beauty! did a quick test and that seems perfect!

will do some more tests and then I can try it on the nas.

thanks a lot!

If I have a VA album, the folder name starts with e.g. "VA-"

where there are multiple artist names in the compilation tracks, mp3tag uses the first artist name and puts the compilation in there.

Is it possible to make an exception rule so that all folders beginning "VA-" are put into genre/VA/foldername? assuming of course that the genre is the same for all files.


For that reason most people use the tag field ALBUMARTIST with the value Various or VA for compilations. Another option would be to have a field called COMPILATION with the value 1 for compilation and 0 or nothing for regular artist albums (itunes does so). The first method has the advantage that you can also use artist names for dj-sets, cover albums or simmilar things.

you can use:
if all your album have an ALBUMARTIST field.
if only the compilations have an ALBUMARTIST field.
if you don't want to use an ALBUMARTIST and want to use the iTunes typical compilation marker instead.

i've read you request again, and this is also possible.
"exception rule so that all folders beginning "VA-" are put into genre/VA/foldername":
this is only based on the first three characters of the foldername without a need to add new tag fields.

wow, thanks Pone, I will check out your suggestions, really appreciate the help!

I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have been trying to rename the directories of my music files by using this format values action, but cannot get it to work. I have tried an endless amount of strings, but have had no luck.

I am currently using v2.47b via Crossover v9.1 Mac OS X 10.6.5. (wondering if this is causing a problem)

I have no problem renaming files in order to place them in a new folder with placeholders, but as soon as I try to format the _DIRECTORY field it will not rename. I am not sure if I need to change the directory folder in Mp3Tag first?

This is what my string looks like:
Format value "_DIRECTORY": Y:\Desktop\%artist%'[%year%]' %album%

Any suggestions that you may have will be GREATLY appreciated.

try Y:\Desktop\%artist%'['%year%']' %album%
with '[' and ']'

Thanks Pone, yes I realized that I had a typo there in my string, but my bigger issue lies with trying to rename directories with a Mac.