Organize ListView Items Better

Hello everyone,
I would like to have groups in the ListView, ordered by the directory to which the file belongs.
This would be great, because I usually edit multiple files simultaneously located in different directories, and is tedious to have to see the "path" column to view the directory where the file is located.

thanks for read. =D

You can adapt the width of the path column so that it is hardly visible.

The grouping you mention depends an awful lot on a particular workflow. Others might prefer to group by album, year, releasetime, artist, you name it.
Also, it could be that the final folder structure is generated in the end from the tags when all tags are filled. So a default grouping by directory does not have any effect.

To create data sets in MP3tag you can sort and filter.

You can define a column for the folderpath or if you want for the directory and include this in sorting. So the files are grouped by directory or folderpath.