Organizing songs


I recently bought a new mobile phone and copied some of my music to the micro SD memory card inside the mobile phone.
But when I tried to play my music, I found out that the music can only be organized by 'alphabetical order' or 'most recently added'.
Well, I just want to listen to my music in the normal order. So I wondered, is it possible with Mp3tag to maybe just put a letter in front of each song instead of the number which my mobile phone doens't take into account.
Or does somebody maybe knows another solution?

Thanks in advance!

If you told us what you think a "normal order" would be?!
And what does the "smart" phone use as sorting criterium for alphabetical order? The file name? The title? The track number?
have a look at the possibilities of the converter tag-filename and see if a modified filename would lead to the correct results.

Well, I mean, when you for example rip a CD, the songs are in the order the artists put them on the CD. In the name of the songs, the're just numbered 1,2,3,... That's the order I want.

But it appears the aphabetical organizer on my phone looks at the title instead of the filename.
Some I think that, maybe if can number the titles in the order of the filename, my phone might do it the way I want.

So next question: How do I number the titles in a easy way? (I never really used the programm very much so I don't know if this is possible?)

OK, I take it that you have filled the fields TITLE and TRACK.
Now use the converter Tag-Tag
Select the field TITLE
and enter
$num(%track%,2) - %title%
execute the converter
All your titles will be preceeded by the track number.
Hopefully your phone can be tricked.

Thank you very much. You're idea has worked :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback.

Now, here is something to think about:
If you want to get rid again because the player on your PC is not so ignorant and knows how to sort tracks by different criteria.
For this you have to write an action of the type "Guess values" for TITLE.
You then cut the track number from the title
This is then much easier if you use a separator between the added track number and the original title that is hardly ever used in normal text - I suggest the underscore _

So adapt the tag-tag-converter-mask like this:
$num(%track%,2) _ %title%

And another thing: probably your player now really sorts all titles more or less numerical.
That is ok for a single album. But if you want to have several ones then you would first listen to all the first tracks, then the second ones and so on.

For such a list modify the mask as follows:
$num(%counter%,2) _ %title%

This creates some kind of playlist sequence.
You see that modifying the TITLE field depends on the specific context. I would sugest that you keep the originals in a separate place and then edit the tags only in copies for the smart phone.