Original Album Art

Hi there,

Sorry if I'm being a noob, but I am having somewhat of an issue with some of my album art.

Some particulars:
MP3 player is Google Play Music, Android Kit-Kat on Samsung Galaxy Tab (note: no files have been uploaded to Google, all music files are on my device)
My laptop OS is Windows 8
My folder options on Windows Explorer is set to see hidden files & folders, as well, 'Hide protected operating system files' is UNchecked. I do not have any folder.jpg, albumartsmall.jpg files; as well I have deleted any thumbs.db files.

The situation is that for every album folder that does not show any art (or replacing art I'm not fond of) in Google Play Music, I've been using MP3Tag to change, and it has been working fantastically! But after changing several album artwork without a snag, I have hit a wall with one album (there may be more, but I want to get this one fixed before moving on), despite changing the artwork in MP3Tag, when I transfer the album back onto my tablet, the original album art remains.

I have moved the album back to my laptop and ran MP3Tag again to make sure everything checked out, that I saved the changes, etc. And everything looks fine, the new album art is the only one I'm seeing when I look at every song, but again when I move the album back to my tablet, the original artwork is shown.

If anybody can assist, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Please let me know if I have left out any vital information that can be useful


Probably you "tablet" has a folder to cache album art.
For WMP it is
%localappdata%\Microsoft\Media Player\Grafikcache\LocalMLS
Delete the whole folder LocalMLS - WMP will recreate it.

If your tablet has a different player, you would have to look for that player's database/cover cache ...

In WMP it is easiest to update files like this:
Delete the files from the database only
Use Extras>Restore deleted elements.

Or with any other player: delete the files from the player and then invoke an update of the database.

You sir/madam, are a genius!
Thank you so much for your help!

For those reading this and having similar issues, the albumthumbs folder for Google Music Player is found in android/data/com.android.providers.media. I simply deleted the actual albumthumbs folder (as opposed to keeping the folder and deleting the files inside) and it worked like a charm.