Curious: does Mp3Tag's ORIGYEAR alias map to the id3v2 'Original Release Time' field? According to the online help, ORIGYEAR only maps to the id3v1 TORY field which was changed to TDOR in id3v2. If this functionality is not present, do you think it could be added to the next release? Thx.


Why don't you try it yourself?

It's mapped to TDOR in ID3v2.4, it's just missing in the help file. But it is already fixed in the beta version.


Errr, I don't have any progs that read that specific field so I wasn't sure how to test whether or not Mp3Tag mapped it correctly. Thankyou for your assistance.


You don't need special programs. A simple program to check the file is NOTEPAD.
Open Notepad and select in the open-dialouge all files .. After that you can open every file and check either beginning or end of the file. There you can look for the values.
Or use a hex-editor like frhed