OS X drag and drop album art: I'm not able to save the file

Hello, I'm trying to add album artwork to an mp3 file by dragging and dropping to the Album Art panel.

Everything works fine till I go to save my work: The "save" menu option is grayed out.

I've found a workaround but it is very time-consuming: save the album art as a local file first and then from the album art field, right-click and select "add". Navigate to the file. The panel gets populated and only then am I able to save the file.

I'm on OS X Ventura, I'm running version 1.8.13 of mp3tag.

Usually, the Save menu item should get enabled as soon as something is changed on the file and not yet saved (e.g., by navigating to a different file or deselecting the file in the File List).

Can you describe which steps you perform to add the album art? This way, I might be able to reproduce it locally.

Thanks for the quick response.
You are absolutely correct about save option being enabled as soon as something (other than album artwork) is changed
Unfortunately the artwork I've dragged in does not save at that point.

Are you dragging a file from Finder or something from another application?

I'm dragging from a webpage to the app. Maybe this not supported?

If not supported, it is a bit misleading, as the copied graphic does show up in the panel when dragged.

Thanks Florian.

It should be supported and it works here. Can you tell me which browser and ideally even the webpage you're using and I'll look into it.

Hello Florian,

Drag and drop album art works from Safari, I'll just use that instead (I was using Firefox yesterday).

I find that about 10% of my mp3s tagged and saved in your app are not displaying the artwork (either as a file icon in OS X Finder, or in Music app (formerly iTunes). Why is that and is there a fix? When I open them back up in your app, the artwork shows up.

Check the file type and format. In particular progressive JPG does not behave well. Many players and even the file preview and icon often do not display.

I was able to reproduce it with Firefox (I was also using Safari) and will work on supporting the pasteboard format used by Firefox during drag and drop.

Thanks for pointing! If you happen to use Firefox again, you can also right-click on any image, copy, and paste via right-click on the cover window in Mp3tag.

If you can identify any common pattern, e.g., as @MotleyG pointed out, it would be very helpful to know. A fellow community member had similar issues with WAV files and identified this workaround:

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.8.14 which also fixes the issue where images added from Firefox via drag and drop could not be saved.

Thanks again for reporting!