OS X version ... settings, etc.

Can anyone help me ... I'm now using the (official) OS X / Wine version of MP3Tag. However before I moved to this I used Windows version and created lots of Actions. I was easily able to move the Actions from one install under Windows to another by copying the Data folder under the MP3Tag programme folder, but copying that same Data directory into the Wine / OS X bundle isn't working.

Can anyone tell me where settings are stored with the OS X / Wine version?

In general, MP3tgag files are stored in the locations mentionend in this thread:

You could create an arbitrary action, store it and see where you find the corresponding file. This should be the place then.

Thanks for the reply...

Unfortunately thats not yielding any suitable solution ...

There must be somewhere that Wine creates Application Data equivalent but I'm being thick and can't find it (even with searching)!!

Hi Eloise,

the settings are actually a little bit tricky to find on OS X. Can you try something like

/Users/Eloise/Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_<some number>/drive_c/users/Eloise/Application Data/Mp3tag

Kind regards

Perfect thank you...

The de.mp3tag.Mp3tag within Library/Application support was the key ... thank you.