OT discussion about milka's exports

Ok... phew... I think I finally got it all figured out and organized neatly, well, at least in my mind it looks how I need it to look. One last question... what does the "append data" option do in the export file part... do I want it checked or not?

It's not broken. Right click on link "Save Target As".

Append data add data of exporting at the end of an existing export file.
It's not useful to me.

Oh yeah, that's right... it wasn't the download link that wasn't working. When I save it and try to extract the files it says "no archives found." Is there maybe something wrong with the zip files? My Winrar says there's no files in them.

If I try double clicking the files, it says "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

I test it on 5 PC and everything work fine. Please try to download again.
Can anyone report the same thing?

@ milka:
For me the download works fine.

now when i right click to save target as.. it downloads a "bannedsite.htm" file from angelfire.

Everything works fine on my and SquallLeonhart38 side. I added site in this post for direct download so try that.
I am running out of ideas.

Very strange... the files downloaded and unzippe properly after I downloaded them using Internet Explorer. Using FireFox, things weren't working correctly. All is well now. Thanks.

Small request to milka...

I really like the output from milkaSmartDynamic 02 html Album & Mix List.mte except for 2 things... it doesnt list the artists... just the albums within the artist folders. The other thing is, I have a lot of ugly empty spots where album cover pics should be that I'm not using. Could you make a version of yours that expands the way dano_List_Album_d_js_ex.mte does? That would be the best of both worlds right there.

Thanks if you can, thanks if you can't. No matter, I think you do great work.

This export is a list of folders and when you expand you get files in that folders, it only use %genre% field from ID3tag.

I already have similar export like dano. Check out Artist-Album Tracking Full export.

Thanks for support.